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The Finest Funeral and Cremation Services at Affordable Rates

Our Services

At Family Burial & Cremation Centers in Mesa, Arizona, we understand how difficult this time of grief is for you and your family. As such, we are here to help you through this period by providing exceptional cremation and funeral services at affordable rates. Our company also offers private autopsy services upon request.

Choose from any of the urns and caskets we offer. You can select the type of merchandise that suits  your needs.

Additionally, we can help with flowers, cemetery items, memorial packages, and any special services that you may request (e.g., doves, balloons, a bagpiper, a trumpeter, etc.) Our staff also includes counselors who can assist you in planning your own service wishes and desires.


A Celebration of Life

Remember your dearly departed loved ones by attending our year-end “Celebration of Life” event. We will invite you to this event and offer an ornament to you in recognition of your loved one.

Family Burial & Cremation Centers

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